Rebellion December 28, 1835     
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Osceola's Attack
True to form in all things Osceola, this 19th-century engraving of the attack on Wiley Thompason was dramatic -- and largely innacurate. The attack took place outside, not in the officers' mess hall, and the Seminole ambushers outnumbered their opponents.
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War Erupts

While King Philip raided plantations in East Florida, in Central Florida, Osceola had his revenge. In the bushes outside of Fort King, he and six followers lay in wait for Wiley Thompson, the U.S. Indian Agent who had placed Osceola in irons and delivered so many pompous speeches from "the Great White Father." Between three and four o'clock, Thompson finally emerged for a walk. The Seminoles opened fire. They hit the agent fourteen times, killing him almost instantly. Six more soldiers died in the ensuing melee, which the Seminoles concluded by plundering the sutler's store. 

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Sources: Bemrose 39, Potter 109-11, Wickman 37-38, Mahon 103-4, Sprague Origin 89.
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 Trail Narrative
 + Prologue
 + Background: 1693-1812
 + Early Years: 1812-1832
 - War: 1832-1838
+ Prelude to War
+ Revenge
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Key Actors
Slave Uprising
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