Rebellion May 1818     
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Andrew Jackson at Pensacola, First Seminole War
Jackson and his troops triumphant at Pensacola. Detail of an engraving depicting the First Seminole War in Benson Lossings's History of the United States, published in 1859.
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The First Seminole War ended in May of 1818 as a success for Jackson. His Creek and American forces routed the Seminoles at Lake Miccosukee, seized the garrison at Pensacola, and forced Spain to admit that she could not control Florida. Jackson's unsanctioned invasion of Spanish territory caused a brief international furor, but despite Spain's bruised ego, the cession of Florida to the U.S. was now a mere formality.

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Sources: Mahon 27-28.
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Jackson's infamous execution of two British citizens during the war