Rebellion 1819 - 1821     
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The changing of the flags in Florida, 1821
Detail from a postcard of the early 1900s depicting the changing of the flags in Florida on July 10, 1821. The scene is at el Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine. Florida Photographic Collection.
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Spain ceded Florida in 1819 under the Adams-Onis Treaty. The U.S. took formal possession in 1821, with Jackson briefly serving as the first governor. 

For the Black Seminoles, annexation was a bleak prospect. Their nemesis Jackson had triumphed, and so had their greatest enemy -- southern-style slavery. For the first time since the early 1700s, chattel slavery was now in full force in Florida.*

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*While the British practiced chattel slavery during their brief possession of Florida (1763-83), their pro-fugitive policy during the Revolutionary War somewhat mitigated its implementation.

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 Trail Narrative
 + Prologue
 + Background: 1693-1812
 - Early Years: 1832-1838
+ World at Birth
+ Encroaching America
+ A New Country
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Moultrie Creek
Slave Raiders
Gopher John
 + War: 1832-1838
 + Exile: 1838-1850
 + Freedom: 1850-1882
 + Legacy & Conclusion